Breaking the Quiet - ATWT - 1080p

This is a Breaking The Quiet animation starring Quiet & The Interrogator. Animopron finally goes back to his roots doing an ATWT (All The Way Through) where in this case the horse's cock penetrates Quiet's mouth & eventually goes all the way through her body.

This is a Breaking The Quiet (MGSV) animation starring Quiet & The Interrogator from 3D artist, AnimoPron. In this animation AnimoPron finally goes back to his roots doing an ATWT (All The Way Through) animation where in this case the horse's cock penetrates Quiet's mouth & eventually goes all the way through her body until it comes out the other side out of her ass and then fucks her whole body. And he doesn't stop there, as he fucks all the way through Quiet's body he even simultaneously fucks the Interrogator, thrusting out of Quiet's ass into both the Interrogator's pussy & ass at different points, very nice!

Quiet sits on a bench with her wrists tied up in the air while her feet are tied to the bench as the horse, Brute, face fucks her mouth with his huge dong. The Interrogator crouches down behind Quiet rimming her asshole. Brute keeps thrusting away trying to force his cock further down her throat. He takes one long hard push, his cock won't accept no for an answer as it goes deeper inside her far past her throat. Meanwhile at the other end Quiet's ass gapes wide, it gapes in sync with his thrusts which reveals a ball in her ass. The Interrogator uses her finger to stretch the opening of her gaping asshole wider.

The Interrogator walks round them getting a good view of Brute destroying Quiets mouth & insides. She puts her right boot up on the bottom of the bench support. She uses her left hand to hold her pussy open as she starts pissing all over the floor & the bench. She puts her right hand in front of her stream and pisses on it. When she's finished relieving herself she puts her hand across Quiet's face to hold it still while using her other hand to grab Brute's cock. She helps Brute by pushing his cock harder & deeper into Quiet's mouth. She then stands back & watches. The Interrogator can tell Brute is close as he starts fucking Quiet's mouth like a jackhammer.

Not wanting to miss the explosive show she crouches down behind Quiet as Quiet's ass gapes violently, each time pushing the ball further out. The Interrogator puts her hand gently under the edge of Quiet's asshole & massages it until the ball pops out onto the floor. The Interrogator puts both her hands on Quiet's ass cheeks & stretches them. As she does this she looks straight into Quiet's gaping ass where she can see the head of Brute's cock almost reaching the opening of her ass. Brut continues fucking through her body until he finally cums. Cum starts shooting of his cock which comes straight out of Quiet's ass like a fountain covering The Interrogator in his hot white sticky stuff. It keeps coming, The Interrogator puts her arms in the air as she revels in being covered in his seed. He eventually stops cumming, The Interrogator lowers her hands onto her cum covered chest sliding them down over her breasts rubbing then letting go causing her breasts to bounce.

The Interrogator stares at Quiet's gaping ass before grabbing a bottle full of a purple elixir. She pops the lid & starts pouring it onto Brute's cock when is still lodged in Quiet's mouth. The elixir causes the cock to magically grow in size. The Interrogator then flips Quiet over so she is lying on her back on the bench & ties one of her legs up into the air. She then takes the half full bottle & quickly shoves the end of it in Quiet's gaping ass. The purple liquid fills her ass covering the head of Brute's cock which is still in her ass. The elixir enlarges his cock even further, some of it spills out of her ass onto the floor.

Brute's cock now even bigger stretches Quiet's ass as far as it can go before it pops out her ass. His cock now All The Way Through (ATWT) her body and out of both ends. Brute starts slowly pushing back & forth with each thrust his cock goes back inside her ass before coming out of it again. The Interrogator positions herself so that when Brute's cock pops out of Quiet's ass it rubs up against her pussy. The Interrogator relieves herself by pissing all over the cock & onto Quiet's asshole. She then puts her leg up on the side of the bench holding her closer to Quiet. Now when Brute's cock pops out it goes straight into The Interrogator's pussy fucking them both simultaneously (don't see that every day).

The Interrogator gets off the bench & stands there watching for awhile as Quiet gets fucked all the way through, her mouth & ass getting completely destroyed. She then pulls Quiet's other leg up in the air & ties the foot to the bar. With her legs hanging by rope to the bar The Interrogator kicks the bench out from under Quiet. Quiet is now suspended in the air only by the rope attached to her arms & legs. Brute becomes incredibly turned on by this and doesn't hold back as he starts fucking her whole body like there is no tomorrow. The Interrogator then stands in front of Quiet's ass & let's Brute's cock titty fuck her with each thrust when it pops out of Quiet's ass.

The picks up the bench she kicked over earlier and sits on it with her back to fucking. She reaches down between her ass cheeks & pulls out a black buttplug she has had in her ass the whole time. She puts the buttplug in her mouth tasting her own ass (my kind girl). She looks behind her & positions her ass so that it is level and in close proximity to where Brute's cock comes out of Quiet's ass. Brute cock each time it pops out of Quiet's ass it slams into The Interrogator's asshole, just the tip penetrating it. This sends Brute off the deep end as he starts to cum. Cum violently shoots onto The Interrogator's back, The Interrogator quickly slams her asshole onto his cock. Cum starts filling The Interrogator's ass but there is too much, the cum already dripping & falling out of her ass onto the floor. Brute keeps thrusting slowly as a never-ending amount of cum keeps shooting out of his cock. When he's finally finished The Interrogator stands with her gaping ass out as cum explodes out of her ass onto the floor while cum drips from Quiet's ass.